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AquaSurf Wave came from a basic idea: bring the ocean’s waves near to oneself.

After many years of conception, and different versions, the equipment is today completed and ready to guarantee this original wish.


For AquaSurf Wave, pleasure is everybody’s right. We wish that each and every one could share water and sliding entertainment.

Our commitment is also one of sustainable water and energy resources economy. All the water used is recycled and treated without chemical products. Our conception efforts allow more than a 30% economy compared to the competitors.


  • Safety is the key of AquaSurf wave success. Without it, it would not be possible to offer it to people.
    As so, it’s from its design that the materials have been though and chose to reassure the user and assure him/her the comfort he/she deserves.
  • The AquaSurf Wave is made from an armed PVC and inflatable structure, elected quality materials and aluminium to ensure a complete safety.
  • Once launched, the patented sensors give an unrivaled sledging comfort. The latter shoot out the water directly and only in the concerned area, where the surfer is. It is thus possible to prevent starts and falls.


Amusement is the keyword of the AquaSurf Wave. One structure can allow the practice of more than ten different activities. Everyone will find their groove.

From classic surf to wakeboard, the possibilities offered by our sheet wave are abundant. As the minimum weight to use the wave simulator is 15kg, even the kids can enjoy it!

Our ambition is to make the Aquasurf Wave a must-have in the aquatic activity sector.


The AquaSurf Wave can reproduce the sledging sensation.

The structure is adjustable to create a slope and put some challenge for the most improved users. Speed, balance: the real surf sensations won’t lack.
Our surf wave simulator is a good way to adopt the necessary reflexes of this sport and progress quickly in order to feel comfortable on a board.


It is essential that a fun aquatic activity could be easy to reach for everyone. It was not imaginable not to include disabled people when conceptualizing the AquaSurf Wave.

Supervised by trained employees, the AquaSurf Wave is accessible to reduced mobility and disabled people.

The access to the structure and all the equipment used during the sessions have been tested and approved by the rider Christophe Martin, paraplegic athlete.