You want to distinguish yourself from your competitors and enrich your costumer base?

Through our AquaSurf Wave concept create a remarkable added value, attractively speaking. Install easily and quickly your own surf wave simulator. We take care of everything regarding your needs.

Our constructor’s expertise in luxury swimming pools and sporting equipment allows us to give you access to an all-inclusive package, or to fit a project to renovate.


The AquaSurf Wave exists in multiple dimensions, to fit all the profiles. From 6 to 12 meters, our surf sheet wave is made from an armed PVC, an inflatable structure, aluminium, and others elected quality materials to ensure complete safety. The wave can be flat or go up to almost a meter.


The AquaSurf Wave is accessible to everyone, from the complete beginner who wants to try and learn how to surf, to an athlete who wants to improve his technic. Our surf wave is also suitable for disabled people.
From one to three simultaneous surfers, the AquaSurf wave proposes multiple aquatic activities, such as surf, bodyboard, wakeboard, etc. The wave can reach a throughput of 280 persons per hour, for the biggest structures.


The sensors of the AquaSurf Wave come from an innovative and exclusive patented technology. They detect the user and propel the water directly and exclusively in the sledging zone. Then, it becomes possible to prevent starts and falls, and to assure comfort and safety.


  1. Our sheet wave comes from the “French Surf Tech” and is a truly interesting investment, through its exclusives advantages in terms of security, sliding comfort and its multiples activities
  2. Surf is a sport liked by all, and knowing that the next Olympic Games in 2020 will welcome a surf competition, purchasing an AquaSurf Wave allows to assure a real interest from the public.
  3. The AquaSurf Wave accessibility for all guarantees to attract many curious visitors, and people practicing occasionally or on a regular basis.
  4. The AquaSurf Wave structure and flexibility of assembly make it possible to build in all sort of situations.
  5. Our surf wave simulator is thus to be fitted to your needs.
  6. We are already established in campsites, ski stations, and others specific events such as the FISE in Montpellier.
  7. The AquaSurf Wave is perfect for aquatic parks, campsites, lakes…
  8. Your idea is our project.


& Deployment

In order to install an AquaSurf Wave, we need a pool. We can provide the construction plans. However, the dimensions are really important. So we can also provide its construction for you. A filtration system and a water treatment plant have to be built, as in any other pools. We also need a little plant room for some option such as the « multi-glisse »

Human resources

The using of the AquaSurf Wave is very simple and only requires one operator. He/She has a control tablet and an emergency shut down button.

The operation can also manage animation of the wave and the surfers flow. The daily maintenance is very simple, and an annual review is planned.

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