AquaSurf Park is unique in its kind in terms of the stature of the project. Its ambition is to be the biggest aquatic park in Europe, including an exclusive spot for surfing.

The massive space of 144 000m2, wants to combine several aquatic zones with a wave pool, a wild river, playing spots, slides, artificial waterfalls and of course, two exclusive surf spots

Besides the pools, the complex will have bars and restaurants, a night club, two hotels and sitting rooms, in order to welcome a professional audience for incentive seminars..

The park’s added value lies in the services it offers. A place for all, dedicated to surf where the people can live the adventure through different rhythms, multiples routes. It is a place where the safety is everywhere and guarantees entertainment and discoveries.

The park will have two distinct and complementary spots to surf:

Two distinct spaces

Two static surf waves will be suited to everyone, from the beginners to athletes. Through a French exclusive technology, the AquaSurf Wave will seduce the highest number, while guaranteeing safety for all.

The other spot, bigger, will be home to a wave pool of over 100 meters of beach, and will offer the surfer sensations like in the ocean, with waves of 1,80meter every 10 seconds.


Nature is in center of the park’s design and the project will integrate local environmental strategies, in order to participate in the upkeep of biodiversity. The ecologic issue will be a spearhead of the AquaSurf Park realization.

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