Surf the wave of themed restaurants and bars, now numerous (climbing, VR, football, etc.) while developing an original and innovative idea: indoor surfing.

Thanks to our AquaSurf Spot concept, stand out from your competitors and give your customers a sensational experience.

Pilot project

The first project of AquaSurf Spot is under construction the South of France. The idea is to offer a bar-restaurant and a 12 meters sheet wave in the center of the complex. A SPA and a sports dedicated shop could be added, considering the surface.


The AquaSurf Spot has the ambition to welcome every type of public : friends, families, after-work colleagues, hen parties and B2B events.

Adults and children can ride the sheet wave thanks to different levels of complexity offered by the AquaSurf Wave. The same structure allows to do multiples activities, and is also disabled compatible.


Thanks to a French leading-edge technology, security is one of our priority. Then, the structure got a smooth and inflatable surface, which is very resistant. It secures and softens falls and contributes to keeping in the user confident and facilitates his/her learning and amusement.

The possibility of detecting someone’s presence on the surfing track through sensors makes it accessible to beginners and disabled people.


  1. Sledging Sports have always been cool and convey a positive image. Surfing glows with fame.
    Allying this assessment with new concepts of themed-restaurant such as climbing, axe throwing, or VR, the ambition of the AquaSurf Spot is to bring surfing to the mainstream.
  2. The benefits are multiple because the target is pluralist. The AquaSurf Spot is a complex which gathers a restaurant, a bar, a wellness space, a sheet wave, and a sports shop.
  3. It can be a stop after a work day, a family trip to ride and eat ; done for amusement or wellness, a relaxation break, alone or accompanied.
  4. With this equipment, it’s more than 30 000 surf sessions that are possible per year and as many as economic consequences on your bar and restaurant.
  5. The AquaSurf Spot model is already implanted abroad, as in Montreal, Canada, where the place, dynamic and friendly, seduce a large public. It is time to adapt it in France and develop this new indoor activity everywhere !


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